Viktor Yushchenko. Ex-president today

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Viktor Yushchenko is the third president of Ukraine. In early 2019, in an interview, he told his thoughts on the presidential election and the situation in the country.

He was asked if he would support Petro Poroshenko or Yulia Tymoshenko because they were his subordinates. Victor Andriyovych replied that the ideal candidate for him was the one who could answer five main questions.

  • The first question is how he or she can stop the war.
  • The second is the issue of Ukraine’s security policy. Under this policy, the former president means joining NATO. In his opinion, if Ukraine had been a part of NATO for a long time, now there would have been no war and the state wouldn’t have lost Crimea.
  • Thirdly, it is Ukrainian national recovery. First of all, it concerns the restoration of the Ukrainian language as a component of the nationality.
  • Fourth, it is the economic development of the country. 1.7 million unemployed people are officially registered in Ukraine now. It is the largest indicator in the history of the country. We need to solve this problem as soon as possible.
  • And lastly, fifth, this is the path to Euro-integration.

Subsequently, Viktor Andriyovych convinced to support Petro Poroshenko during the presidential elections in Ukraine. (It happened during the 2019 elections)

The Donbas war

Ex-president was asked about his vision to end the war. According to Viktor Andreevich, there is no short and unambiguous answer to this question. The war can be considered completed not with a fact the bombardment is stopped. But only when Ukraine restores its territorial integrity.

At the end of the interview, he assured that he did not regret any single moment of his activity. At every stage of his work in the banking sector, as a prime minister and during the presidential term, Yushchenko worked for the good of the country. At each post, he behaved like a real professional.

He also adds that he loves Ukraine indefinitely and he is proud of it.

Beginning of the president career

It is worth reminding that Victor Yushchenko’s inauguration took place on January 23, 2005. He was self-nominated in the lists of candidates for the presidency of Ukraine. During the second round he took the second place, but being confident in the falsification of ballots, he sued the Supreme Court of Ukraine. Due to the court hearings, it was decided to hold another tour on December 26, where Victor Andreevich won.

While him being on the post of the head of the country, he did much for its independence. But now many people even hate his activities.

Life after the presidency

After Yushchenko handed over the power to Yanukovych, the ex-president decided not to leave politics. Nevertheless, he admitted having negative emotions in politics earlier.

Viktor Andriyovych created a public organization “Institute of President Viktor Yushchenko. Strategic Initiatives”. He also participated in “Art Arsenal” and “Hospital of the Future” projects. To finance one of them, he even sought assistance from the current president at that time.

In 2011, when the trial of Yulia Tymoshenko took place, he supported the ruling power.

But Viktor Andreyevich is also interested in many things except politics. The politician is a professor at the National Pedagogical University named after M. P. Drahomanov now. And he is also actively engaged in beekeeping.

In 2017, Yushchenko was the only ex-president who received money from the state in the amount of 28 thousand hryvnias per month.


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