Viktor Yanukovych. What events are associated with the ex-president in 2019?

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Recently, the fourth president of Ukraine appeared in the public quite rarely. His place is not publicly disclosed. In January 2019 it was reported that he had left the territory of Rostov-on-Don and now lives in another region of Russia. On November 18, 2018, the Russian edition reported that Viktor Fedorovich was hospitalized due to severe spinal injury and knee injury he received while playing tennis. His spokesman declined to give any comments.

Public speaking

January 6th former president held a press conference in Moscow, on which talked a lot about Ukraine. First of all, he stated that he closely follows/observes developments in the country.

Viktor Fedorovich has not changed his mind about EuroMaidan and still considers it the cause of all the disasters.

The war in the Donbas

The fugitive president calls the situation in the Donbas not a war, but a conflict. As always, in his opinion, the authorities are to blame for everything, and the conflict originates from the Revolution of dignity.

  • Viktor Fedorovich believes that the revolutions bear only hatred, complexity and deterioration of the country.
  • All those events that took place in 2014, he calls a “coup d’etat”, and the following years after this tragedy “the worst in Ukraine for years of independent existence.” In addition, he accused the current, at that time, power, in violation of the Constitution.
  • He believes that Ukraine has become the starting point for wars and conflicts that have spread to other countries.
  • Yanukovych also stressed that he took an active part in the search for those who are guilty of the occupation of the Crimea and executions on the Maidan.
  • As for the war in the Donbas, the ex-president said he did not see Poroshenko (who was the current president by that time) intended to put an end to it. Viktor Fedorovich is convinced of the need to negotiate with the residents of Donbas.

Judicial sentences

Yanukovych assured with certainty that 90 percent of Ukrainian does not consider him guilty.

We remind that after the ex-president during the Maidan situation fled to Russia and asked President Vladimir Putin to use troops to “restore legitimacy” in Ukraine, he was found guilty of committing crimes such as high treason and aiding in an aggressive war. If he returns to Ukraine, he is threatened by thirteen years in prison.

Viktor Fedorovich in his speech declared that the court decision has nothing to do with the Ukrainian Criminal Procedure Code, but is based only on hate and lies.

Church reform

He did not disregard the creation of the Orthodox Church of Ukraine. Yanukovych considers intervention in the life of the Church a major sin on the part of the authorities. Because instead of looking for ways to reconciliation and unification, a separation was arranged even at the level of the spiritual life of people.

Presidential elections

Regarding the presidential election in 2019, Viktor Fedorovich spoke quite unequivocally. He is convinced that both presidential and parliamentary elections will be held dishonestly and will become “the dirtiest” in the history of independent Ukraine.

Canceling sanctions

The Supreme European Court recently withdrew all sanctions from the former president. The court ruled that the freezing of Yanukovych’s accounts in 2016-2018 was carried out illegally. Due to a lack of evidence that officials were transferring funds abroad, all restrictive measures were removed.

In Russia, this decision was considered as the correct one. It gave Viktor Fedorovich freedom within the European Union.


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