The state in the smartphone: presentation of the application “Diya”

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During his election campaign, Vladimir Zelensky repeatedly emphasized the need to simplify communication between the state and its citizen. Most often from Zelensky one could hear the following statement: the state in a smartphone. It meant simplifying bureaucratic procedures and “digitizing” many bureaucratic processes.

Such initiatives have already been launched by the government of Vladimir Groisman and President Poroshenko. Some work now, some have not passed the test of time. However, Zelensky set himself the goal of fulfilling at least this election promise.

Yes, the digital program “Diya” was recently presented. The presentation was made personally by Vladimir Zelensky, who spoke from the podium in front of the guests invited to the event.

“Digitization is not just a complicated word. It is also a complicated process, which is being implemented in the state on more than one day. We are working now, with no time, effort or even health. And we are ready to present a new program “Diya” that will simplify relations between the state and the citizen. First steps are made. This means that drivers will be able to use their digital driver’s license as well as a digital vehicle registration document. Many countries have been going for this for much longer than we have, and we have been able to implement it in six months”, –  Zelensky’s direct speech said during the presentation.

Note that the main idea of ​​this digital application belongs to the “Chief Digitizer of Ukraine” Maxim Nefedov. The President of Ukraine confirmed that Nefyodov was unable to attend the event due to illness and physical exhaustion.

Maxim Nefyodov became famous after developing the most important program for the country at the time, the ProZorro e-procurement system. After that, Nefyodov was offered the post of Deputy Minister of Economic Development in the Groisman government.

The incumbent President of Ukraine further stated that they plan to implement it within the framework of the program “Diya”.

“We certainly will not stop at digital driver’s licenses. Until the end of the winter, Ukrainians will be able to use their digital passports and authenticate themselves with a smartphone. They can use this app for rail travel, banking or medical care. In Kharkov, Kryvyi Rih, Vinnitsa and Lutsk the e-baby application is already in operation. It has combined about 10 government services that are required at birth. So far, the app is running in experimental mode, but we are confident of success. Thus, newly-born parents will have to submit only one application via smartphone instead of 37 different documents and campaigns in 11 instances”, – Volodymyr Zelensky added.

And then he announced the most ambitious goal of the program – to minimize bureaucratic contacts between the citizen and the state and to make all services available through a smartphone. Including, to cast your vote in the presidential, parliamentary and local elections.

Meanwhile, some analysts and experts are skeptical of such an initiative, noting that the notion of “personal data protection” in Ukraine is still “raw” and insufficiently protected. The cyber police and relevant structures involved in protecting personal data on the Internet should operate as separate apolitical bodies. At present, these bodies work not in the interests of citizens, but in the interests of the President, his entourage, and some political forces.


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