The new government began to prosecute Poroshenko

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Despite the fact that Petro Poroshenko lost to his rival in the second round by a large margin, the former President’s position remains too strong among both Ukrainians and politicians. The current President Volodymyr Zelensky and his immediate circle are aware of this. Particularly important is the fact that Petro Poroshenko is still supported by the so-called passionate minority, that is, activists, volunteers, military officers – all those on whom Ukrainian independence stands today.

Zelensky’s election campaign was full of aggression against the ex-president, on this wave Vladimir Alexandrovich was able to win, promising his electorate to make Poroshenko “pay for all his sins”. Now election promises have to be fulfilled, because ratings are a very shaky thing.

So, reports of cases against the former fifth President of Ukraine have been reported in the press for the last several months.

For example, the State Bureau of Investigation is conducting a case against Petro Poroshenko about tax evasion from buying a TV channel «Pryamiy». The former governor of the state has been interrogated several times in the DBR, interrogations have lasted for several hours. The head of the DSB doesn’t rule out that the next interrogation may take place on the polygraph, Poroshenko does not deny this possibility.

But this persecution of Poroshenko with the current government does not end. For example, the Solomenskiy district court of Kyiv ordered the National Anti-Corruption Bureau to enter into a new register of pre-trial investigations a new case in which the fifth President is accused in abuse of power. Incidentally, the same case was opened against Foreign Minister Pavel Klimkin.

An unknown applicant on 15 of July claimed criminal offenses from Poroshenko and Klimkin, which allegedly consisted of abuse of power.

However, an interview with a former MP and now chairman of the Center for Research on Political Values, Oleksandr Doni, was recently published in the Ukrainian media. In this interview, Doni did not hesitate to accuse Poroshenko of abusing power, and also the analyst added that the former President had “warmed” billions.

“We can only suspect, however, that Poroshenko has “warmed” as much billions to his cadence as his predecessor, Viktor Yanukovych, could not even do,” says Alexander Doniy.

However, there is no evidence base for such statements, again, it is calculated for the Zelensky electorate. For example, according to the authoritative international publication Forbes, Poroshenko officially became 40% poorer during his term as President of Ukraine. The publication gives information on his declarations, as well as on real estate.

Donius further added that he hoped for a thorough investigation into where all Poroshenko’s wealth came from, where the channel “Pryamiy” was financed, etc.

“I hope that someday this chain of enrichment of the former president will be untangled, and Poroshenko will answer for illegal enrichment,” summed up the analyst.


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