Petro Poroshenko. What does the past head of state occupy now?

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After Vladimir Zelensky won the presidential election in Ukraine, Petro Poroshenko congratulated him. He confidently added that he was not going to leave politics.
Ex-president of Ukraine intends to promote his party “European Solidarity” to parliament.

International activities

Petro Oleksiyovych also received an invitation to Strasbourg, where he has several international meetings on July 17, 2019. The fifth president of Ukraine intends to discuss the issue of prolongation the sanctions against Russia. As well as he is going to talk on the need for a special commission to monitor the Crimean Tatars’ rights violations.
The media reported that Petro Poroshenko was summoned to trial on July 17 for questioning in respect of monetary fraud during the purchase and sale of the “Smith on Rybalsky” factory. But the press service of “European Solidarity” emphasized that Petro Alekseevich did not receive any summons.

Political party of Petro Alekseevich

At the moment Poroshenko is actively engaged in the promotion of his party. As of June 2019, a full list of candidates for the deputies was elected and announced.
Let’s remind, that the party of Petro Poroshenko was created on May, 5th, 2000 and was named “Block of Petro Poroshenko”. Over the years, it has undergone metamorphosis and declines. Though, now it is ready to go to parliament and offer new ideas for state development. And Petro Alekseevich shared his party’s plans on his main page on the internet.

Program and goals

  • First of all, the ex-president wants to achieve peace in the country, but not to capitulate to the enemy. He believes that by joining NATO, we will be able to achieve peace and security. And Ukraine’s accession to the European Union will be able to provide welfare for Ukrainians.
  • He also emphasizes that Ukraine has created all the conditions for achieving economic growth.
  • Petro Oleksiyovych in his speeches calls everyone to defend the European future of Ukraine. And adds that only with his party it will be able to preserve the achievements of the last five years.

Composition of the party

Poroshenko wants to form his party with the participation of young people, public activists and volunteers. But experienced politicians are also present in party lists.
At the party congress, Petro Alekseevich emphasized that the abbreviation of his party “European Solidarity” does not just coincide with the abbreviation of the European Union. After all, its main goal is Ukraine’s accession to the EU.
His performance was long and meaningful. In the first place, he expressed his gratitude to one-party people for their trust and faith in plans. He also counted their achievements in the presidency, and shared plans for the future party composition.
He added that it is necessary to learn from their mistakes and to be closer to Ukrainian society.
Sergei Berezenko, the chairman of the party’s electoral headquarters, said that everyone could submit their application form for participation in the party. This can be done on the website of the NGO “Community Affairs”.
As previously noted, the party does not plan to host popular singers and artists, although it has become popular. The parties need young, active people who really want to help Ukraine in achieving prosperity.
On June, 10, at the next congress of the party, all people’s deputies were discussed and approved.
Petro Poroshenko said that they “are going to win and take power.”


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