News digest of the current President of Ukraine for February

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The events in February developed rapidly – shelling in the Donbass, the attack of fighters, the scandalous flight from Wuhan, the evacuation of our citizens from China. In all these events, Vladimir Zelensky behaved rather strangely, did not show strong will, did not make statements as Commander-in-Chief of the Ukrainian Army. What happened in February with the participation of the President of Ukraine, read in our digest.

  • Zelensky’s rating dropped to 51%. Despite the fact that the support of the incumbent President is still quite high, but from 73% to 51% his rating dropped in just a few months. Such data were released by the Razumkov Center. Given the involvement of this structure, some experts believe that the numbers have been overstated.
  • The lack of political will on the part of the Guarantor is again manifested in his actions, or rather, in the absence of such actions. Thus, the Kremlin owner once again stated that “Ukrainians, as such, do not exist, we are one nation with the Russians and we are artificially separated”. This cynical statement that denigrates Ukrainians as a nation has not received a proper response from either the head of Ukraine or the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  • The President of Ukraine criticized the actions of New Sanzhar residents for behavior during a bus meeting with passengers from China. Vladimir Zelensky congratulated his fellow citizens on their return to their homeland. He comments on the situation: “Ukraine is Europe! But today we are more like medieval Europe than modern day”.
  • League of Laugh continues to storm the Ukrainian politicum, not without help, of course, ex-comedian Vladimir Zelensky. For example, Vasyl Gumenyuk, a former participant of the “League of Laugh”, became the head of one of Khmelnytskyi districts. He has absolutely no experience in leadership positions in government bodies, but that has not stopped the incumbent President in appointing Humeniuk to a responsible position. It should be noted that his campaign Zelensky built on the promise to remove the so-called “nepotism”.
  • Volodymyr Zelensky named the Ukrainian Startup Fund as the main tool for small business support. The other day, the Foundation gave grants to small business representatives, and Vladimir Zelensky was present at the ceremony. The President considers startups the hope of the Ukrainian economy, and people and ideas are the main resources for its development.
  • Together with his wife, the President of Ukraine honored the memory of the heroes of Heavenly Hundred on February 19, on the anniversary of the Revolution of Dignity. It was on February 18-20 that the most bloody events of the Maidan in 2014 came – people were shot right in the middle of the capital. Zelensky joined the mourning activities that were taking place all over the country these days.
  • Scheme reporters conducted their own investigation into the Commander-in-Chief’s trip to Oman. It turned out that Zelensky was flying the same plane as the head of the Russian Security Council Nikolai Patrushev. Thus, the President of Ukraine, attacked by Russia, held a non-official secret meeting with a representative of the security forces of the aggressor country. At the Office, the President declined to comment.
  • During his speech at the Munich Conference, Vladimir Zelensky decided to step into the role of a comedian – while speaking to the international community, the President of the belligerent country joked about the war. It was broadcast live by CNN. Talk show succeeded! Zelensky also urged the community to stop considering Ukraine as a corrupt country, because today, under its authority, “the fight against corruption is taking seven steps”, assured the country’s governor.

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