How is Zelensky «struggling» with the amber mafia?

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The President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky continues to travel to Ukrainian cities in his presidential affairs. During such trips, he collects press conferences, dismisses old officials, and appoints new people.

So, recently the State Customs Service received a new chairman – Maxim Nefedov. This young official previously worked as a deputy minister in the Ministry of Economic Development. Nefyodov and the team also gave life to one of the most successful public procurement programs – ProZorro. We hope that the young ambitious official will be able to build a sector in which he has no experience at all. But the President is betting on him, all we have left is to watch.

By the way, during the visit to Transcarpathia, the new Guarantor loudly fired Customs officials, demonstrated on camera his formidable character and tough presidential position. Some political bloggers have already identified the style in which Zelensky chose the role of a new steering power – «Lukashenko-show». Given the fact that Volodymyr Zelensky is known for his nostalgic views on the USSR and “fraternal peoples”, it is not surprising that he took the style of Alexander Lukashenko, the incumbent President of Belarus, as the basis for his behavior.

So, the second high-profile visit within the framework of his promotional tour “Lukashenko-show” (this designation has already become a mainstream among pro-European bloggers and political scientists), Vladimir Zelensky goes to Zhytomyr. Where the “amber mafia” operates.

In his election campaign, the current Guarantor often blamed Petro Poroshenko for not resisting the deforestation of the Carpathian forests and the illegal extraction of amber. And here is Zelensky, embarking on a “warpath” against the “amber mafia”.

To do this, he relies on a television picture. During his visit to Zhytomyr, the President makes loud statements, speaks to journalists, rebukes SBU representatives in the region, demands tough answers and applications for dismissal. All this is demonstrated on all the main TV channels of the country, the electorate almost in ecstasy writes commendable about the newcomer, Zelensky’s ratings go uphill.

And none of those who sits in electorate wants to understand the details – most of them are not capable of critical thinking, for most of them the picture is enough.

In fact, the release of security forces and SBU officials in the Zhytomyr region, as well as in neighboring regions, will have almost no effect on the functioning of the same “amber mafia”. Because the scheme has been built up over the years, nearly half of the people in these regions are involved. Such new assignments do not even make this scheme falter because the problem lies much deeper than the dismissal of Security Service heads.

Experts have already sorted out the actions of the President on the shelves, and all say in one voice that such methods will not lead to anything, except of the small rotation that will be in the mafia and they will simply look for other ways to conduct their illegal activities. And everyone is confident that these paths will be found much faster than you might expect in such situation.

By the way, during his visit to Zhytomyr, Vladimir Zelensky introduced everyone to the new head of the Regional State Administration of Zhytomyr. His name is Vitaliy Bunechko. An interesting fact about the newly minted official is that his brother holds a high position in the company of oligarch Igor Kolomoisky “Ukrnafta”. But the country needs “young and honest” faces. So why not Vitaliy Bunechko be one of those faces?


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