Diplomatic visits of Vladimir Zelensky to France and Germany

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Visit to France

On June 17, President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky paid an official visit to Paris. There he held talks with French President Emmanuel Macron. The key points were discussions on the issues of war in the Donbas, the situation with the Ukrainian captivity of the Kremlin and general relations.

Addressing the situation in the Donbas

Vladimir Alexandrovich reiterated that his priority task is to restore peace in the Donbas’s territory. To achieve peace, he is configured through diplomacy and through sanctions.

He called for the preservation of sanctions, as they protect Ukrainian sovereignty and should be preserved until Ukraine returns its territory. In addition, he found the hope that France will contribute to the solution of this issue.

According to the negotiations with the militants, according to Macron’s translated speech, Ukraine has already begun them. And Vladimir Alexandrovich noted that there is no talk about negotiations with the occupiers, but all contacts will be held according to the Minsk format.

Macron, for his part, assured that France will support Ukraine in all its intentions to end the war.

The Minsk agreements and the Normandy format

France agrees to hold a meeting in the Norman format, provided that the warring parties fulfill their obligations. The French president noted that both parties must fulfill their promises. He also added that the conditions that will set the dynamics of this process are stopping the fire & the release of prisoners of war.

The release of Ukrainian prisoners

  • Vladimir Zelensky stated that he want not only to stop the war in the Donbas, but also to return all Ukrainian prisoners.
  • He also found the hope that this would happen very soon and Russia will implement the decision of the International Tribunal.
  • Also, the Ukrainian president thanked France for its participation in the fate of Ukraine. He also personally thanked President Macron for his attention to the fate of the Ukrainian prisoners of war.
  • Zelensky said that in the future he wants to cooperate with France and NATO countries.

Visit to Germany

On June 18, the President of Ukraine arrived in Germany, where he met with German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

Upon arrival at the residence of the Chancellor, Vladimir Alexandrovich was greeted by an orchestra and a guard of honor. Angela Merkel shook Zelensky’s hand and invited him to the building.

The diplomatic visit of the President of Ukraine was accompanied by the Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council Alexander Danyluk, Deputy Head of the Presidential Administration Vadim Pristayko, Deputy Prime Minister of Regional Development, Construction and Housing Gennady Zubko, and the Ambassador of Ukraine to Germany Andrei Melnik.

During the talks, issues of peace & cooperation were raised. After all, Vladimir Alexandrovich expressed common thoughts.

Vladimir Zelensky said that he considers it possible to reach an agreement on gas transit with Russia.

The positions of Ukraine and Germany on Nord Stream 2 are completely different.

Zelensky also believes that the transit of gas to Russia through Ukraine is a guarantee of the security of the energy sector in Europe & Ukraine.

Angela Merkel, in turn, stated that she fully endorsed the restoration of the Norman format within the framework of the Minsk Treaty, and the meeting of advisers to the leaders of the Norman format countries will take place on July 12.

Vladimir Alexandrovich also met with the head of the Bundestag, Wolfgang Schäuble. The meeting discussed sanctions against Russia, the issue of restoring the Donbas and the release of prisoners.

Vladimir Alexandrovich noted that he intends to contact for the restoration of Donbas now. In his opinion, it is necessary to rebuild schools, kindergartens & repair roads.

Zelensky and Schäuble discussed the return of the Ukrainian military from captivity.

Some German businessmen were against the introduction of sanctions against Russia. To which Vladimir Zelensky declared that sanctions are the only way that will bloodlessly solve the problem of the peace. Vladimir Alexandrovich also added that he does not want the European partners of Ukraine to suffer from the imposition of sanctions. But according to him, “it’s not we who started this war, but we fight for its end every day.”


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